Loading Your Account

Instant cash loads

Step 1

Find a Reload Location
Use your Mobile or online locator to find the nearest Authorized Dealer or Reload Location.

Step 2

Load Your Amount
Visit any reload location and load your account by providing the funds to the cashier

Step 3

Use Your Funds
Funds loaded to your account are instantly available to use.

National Loading Network:

Consumers & Businesses may deposit (load) Cash or Checks through the following locations numbering in the tens-of-thousands nationwide:

Cash & Check Loading
  • MoneyGram Agents (includes Wal-Mart)
  • Walgreens
  • Grocery Stores
  • Currency Exchange & Check Cashing
  • Bill Pay Centers
  • Banks

Consumer Direct Loading & Unloading
  • Credit/Debit e-Wallet (requires a Merchant Account)
  • Bank ACH
  • Bank Wire
  • Currency Exchange & Check Cashing
  • Bank RDC

Save Time and Money with Direct Deposit:

Skip the trip to the bank or check cashier and load all or part of your paycheck to your VertePay account with Direct Deposit. It’s safe, convenient, and free!